The following forms of interpretation services are provided:

Simultaneous interpretation consists of two interpreters who from a cabin or separate location listen to the speaker and simultaneously interpret it into the desired language. Those requiring interpretation then listen to the interpretation through headphones. This form is usually used during international conferences, conventions and similar types of meetings where no interpretation is given for the entire audience. Simultaneous interpretation requires the use of technical equipment and two interpreters for each language who will change at half-hour intervals.

Consecutive interpretation consists in the interpreter listening to a brief statement by a speaker and then interprets it into the desired language. This form is usually used during business meetings, negotiations, press conferences, training, etc. Consecutive interpretation does not require any additional technical equipment.

Whispered interpretation is a type of simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter sits next to the listener and whispers the interpretation to him. This form is appropriate for 1-3 persons.

Our services are provided both locally, but also there is the possibility to travel to another location, or even travel with the client to various locations.

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