All of our translations, unless agreed upon otherwise, are performed by mother-tongue translators. This ensures that the quality of the target text will be the highest possible, unlike translations that are done by those whose mother tongue is not the language of the final reader. To ensure consistency in future projects, we try to use the same translation team and compile glossaries. Any necessary research is included in the price of the translation. A professional translation CAT tool like Trados of MemoQ can also be used where applicable.

There are two basic types of written translation.

Standard Translation is calculated per word in the source document. The average translation consists of 250 words per page.

Certified (Sworn) Translation is a translation that requires certification by a certified (sworn) translator and is usually required by courts and other administrative organs. Certified translation is estimated on the basis of a standard page consisting of 1125 characters (including spaces) per page.

Listed below are some of the areas that we have experience in translating.

Legal (e.g. birth certificates, wedding certificates etc., notarized deeds, official correspondence, licenses, certificates, diplomas, legal acts, court judgments and legal agreements),
Business (e.g. contracts, accounting, advertising and marketing, banking, commercial correspondence, brochures, financial reports, business registrations, regulations, shipping, complaints, taxes, press releases),
Government (e.g. directives, legislation, speeches),
Technical (e.g. presentations and reports, documentations for machines and equipment, instruction manuals, catalogs),
Publications (e.g. books, newspaper and magazine articles, tourist guides),
Websites (business and personal),
Religion (e.g. websites, newsletters, books, articles),
Recreation (e.g. travel & tourism, hobbies, game translation).
Personal (e.g. correspondence, emails and others).


Depending on your need, you can choose from standard turnaround time or express.

Standard turnaround time is for up to 5 pages per day. Not included in the time is the day of placing the order and the delivery date. Only business days are counted.
Express includes translations that require more than 5 pages per day or same-day service.


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